About Gradulet

What We Do

We help working adults earn a respected degree that accommodates their busy schedules and leaves them with little to no student debt.

Who We Are


A Quality Team

GraduLet teamed up with reputable universities that understand the importance of earning a college degree, so they designed a unique program for busy adults to work at their own pace toward graduation. Through flexible online classes, project-based credits, and other benefits we provide, we make it as easy as possible for you to focus on your education and earn your degree.

How We Work

You have the drive. We have the tools.

Colleges’ Role: Education

  • Providing the Degree: a selection of accredited Associate, Bachelor and Master degree programs
  • Designing the Curriculum that is project-based instead of credit-based
  • Managing Tuition and giving you financial aid options
  • Reviewing Your Work and guiding you to continue performing better

GraduLet’s Role: Support

  • Your Personal Coach dedicated to your educational, professional, and motivational needs
  • Hot Meals because we understand your time is precious and fetching food is a hassle
  • Free Childcare so you can rest assured that the one you’re doing this all for is safe and happy
  • Great Workspace that is quiet, well lit, and has free high-speed internet
  • Free Transportation to help you commute to and from the center

Your Role: Dedication

  • Set Your Pace and determine the hours you can commit each week
  • Collaborate with your coach and classmates in the shared workspace
  • Complete the Work and projects needed to complete the curriculum
  • Celebrate your determination and perseverance when you finally graduate
  • Get Hired with your respected degree and new job hunting skills

Why Choose Us

A respected online degree that is affordable, flexible, and personalized to your needs.

Where We Are


Strategically located in the heart of Houston, Texas, to be as accessible to you as possible.

9303 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite: 175
Houston, TX 77099